Welcome To Swallowtail

This is Swallowtail, the home of Mark and Siân Mackey. I'm an expat Aussie working as a chemist and programmer for Cresset BioMolecular Discovery, a company specialising in new and useful ways of describing and comparing pharmaceutical molecules. In my spare time I listen to listen to Mike Oldfield, The Alan Parsons Project, Midnight Oil and Yello (among others), read all sorts of things (my favourite author is Jack Vance), play around with ray-tracing, and write software of all kinds, including the addictive-as-hell arcade game XQuest.

Siân's an English teacher, musician, dancer and talented cook. She can speak for herself, but as yet hasn't :)

There's a hodgepodge of useful and not-so-useful things here, from my investigation into naughty practices by Intel to Siân's recipes and product reviews those living a cow's-milk-free life. Read and enjoy.