Sojasun Small Pots of Fruity Yoghurt

Apricot and Guava

This is a good one! I found it in my local health food shop this week and can honestly say it’s lovely. It isn’t cheap at 75p for a little 25g pot, but it does taste very good. The texture is slightly odd, in that it has tiny gritty bits in it. […]

Sojade Blueberry Yoghurt

My local health food shop has managed to produce a pot of the blueberry version of Sojade’s soya yoghurt. I can now report that it’s good, but not quite as good as I’d hoped. The flavour is fairly well rounded, but it’s not as much better than Alpro’s stuff as the plain version is. There […]

Sojade Natural Yoghurt

I found a new variety of soya yoghurt in my local health food shop this week and I’m pleased to say it’s a good thing.

The flavour and texture are good. It is similar to the real thing. As ever with soya yoghurts, it lacks the sharpness which is so distinctive in dairy yoghurt, but […]