New! The Source Code to XQuest is available. Note that this source code is for a slight variation to XQuest, but it should still compile and run and will be useful for those who've been asking how the game works.

XQuest 2 will run quite happily under Linux DOSemu, provided that you add the line "ports {0x201}" to your /etc/dosemu.conf file. Isn't that nice? Of course, you have to run it without sound, and XQuest without sound is like a Mac without a 3rd story window: not nearly as much fun!


XQuest won't run on recent Microsoft OSes, as it wants to talk directly to the hardware which is Naughty and No Longer Allowed. However, there's a solution: the wonderful DOSBox DOS emulator. Simply download and install the latest version of DOSBox, unzip XQuest somewhere on your machine, and then drag and drop the XQUEST.EXE file onto the DOSBox icon. Bingo!

What is XQuest?

XQuest is a horribly addictive arcade game for the PC! Crystals, mines, bonuses, lots of things to wantonly blow up: they're all here folks, along with a few 'surprises' (evil snigger). For those few sad individuals who haven't played XQuest yet, here is...

The Story

The invasion fleet of the hideous Mucoids is hurtling towards the Earth, intent on blasting it into tiny steaming shreds of radioactive grit, and only your ship, armed with the our latest top secret Super Kill-o-Zapper Phaser Photon Laser Cannons can... Hang on, sorry. Wrong game: start again.

You're a rather jolly little ship dingus which shoots all around a rather abstract landscape collecting little blue crystally things, while avoiding a few mines scattered around. Hmm. Boring, you say? Well, maybe it still needs a certain something... OK, so we'll keep the Super Kill-o-Zapper, then, and add a couple of things to blow up. Happy?

Game Requirements

XQuest will run on a 286-12 machine with VGA, but really needs at least a 386-25 to run well. The game supports SoundBlaster compatible soundcards, and if you haven't got a soundcard then I strongly recommend you get one ASAP 'cause the game is much better with sound. Oh yes, the game is also easier with a mouse.

The Long-awaited XQuest 2!!!

The new, improved version of XQuest has been released. Changes and improvements include:

Where To Get XQuest

XQuest 2 is out! You can get it from here, and the source code (more or less) is available here too!

XQuest was written by Mark "Atomjack" Mackey, who accepts all of the praise and none of the blame.
Email: mark@swallowtail.org
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