Shipton Mill

For those of you who have become enthusiastic bread bakers, but who find the issue of carting heavy bags of flour home from the shops (having paid over the odds for it), becomes a real bore, I have found a solution. All my bread flour now comes mail order from Shipton Mill with free delivery […]

Just enough time to make a Simnel cake

If you’re quick, there’s still time to make a Simnel cake for tomorrow. This is a definite favourite in our family: we’re all marzipan fans! Look for the recipe here and have fun both making and then eating this seasonal treat.

It’s Hot Cross Bun Time!

Hot cross buns, fresh from the oven are among my favourite things to eat. Today I shall be making a batch with my children ready for tomorrow. You can make them in two ways. Last year I put up my quick version using a bread machine. I intend making some of these this morning so […]