Where NOT to eat in Birmingham!

Well, it’s been months since I had a moment to update the site. (I was asked to do some supply work to help a local school in a spot of difficulty and I don’t need to tell anyone who’s ever taught how the job seems to expand into the time available!) Since then, we’ve been […]

Eating Out in … Leominster

This proved quite a challenge! Leominster is an attractive little town with lots of old-style small shops: an ideal recipe for finding a choice of appealing alternatives for lunch you would think … wrong! To our amazement, it appeared not to have one restaurant open at lunchtime in the main town, and we walked round […]

Eating out in Ledbury

Sometimes you find yourselves in a mixed group of family or friends, some of whom have dietary issues and some of whom don’t. At times like this, a good pub can frequently provide excellent food to suit all the group. In Ledbury, this weekend, we discovered The Prince of Wales pub, which met our needs […]

Lunchtime in Hereford

Thai Gallery, Hereford

48 Broad St, Hereford, County of Herefordshire HR4 9AR

01432 277374

Here is another offering in our periodic series of places to eat dairy-free. Hereford (lovely town, by the way) has a branch of the Thai Gallery which exceeded our expectations on the weekend. This is a business which has a restaurant […]

Teatime in Great Malvern

The Bluebird Tea Rooms on the main hill in Great Malvern are a wonderful find. They offer dairy-free cakes (they also have gluten-free things on offer) and a traditional tea room atmosphere. The setting is lovely and the food is good. You do need to be prepared to wait for a table at busy times […]

Somewhere else to eat in Great Malvern

For good Thai food at lunchtime on a Saturday, you could try The Red Lion.

The Red Lion, 4 Saint Ann’s Road, Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 4RG 01684 564787

We’ve eaten here three times now on Saturdays at lunch time and have had excellent Thai food. There are other dishes on offer, some of which are […]

Eating Out Dairy-Free

It suddenly dawned on me a couple of days ago that what we could do with is a site which listed places where you could eat out as a dairy-free bod without being made to feel weird or a right nuisance and without having to put up with dry, over- grilled pork chop and green […]