Eating Out Dairy-Free

It suddenly dawned on me a couple of days ago that what we could do with is a site which listed places where you could eat out as a dairy-free bod without being made to feel weird or a right nuisance and without having to put up with dry, over- grilled pork chop and green beans drenched in oil. (I kid you not. We were subjected to that at a restaurant with a good reputation and various marks of excellence… in France.) So here it is! Since no-one else is doing it, I’ll put anywhere we try and enjoy on the reviews page. It should grow with time, so do keep checking!

I can’t promise desserts at many places, unless you are still prepared to eat everlasting fruit salad. In this family we’ve eaten enough fruit salad to last us a lifetime, so we tend not to bother with dessert. However, that apart, all the places on this list are places we have eaten at and had a good reception, or stayed at and been made to feel welcome. We have eaten well and not been made ill! Always a plus!!

The first place to go on our new list is:

The Unicorn, 2 Belle Vue Terrace, Great Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 4PZ 01684 574 152

This is a traditional pub which serves well-kept real ale and good food. It isn’t a pretentious place. The staff are friendly and know their menu inside out. The food is all cooked on site and is good. It isn’t frilly, but personally I’d rather have it good than fussy. They offer everything from curry to cajun salmon and Somerset pork, all of which are dairy-free. If you want to be sure that your choice is safe, the staff know exactly what is in each dish as everything is cooked on site. The portions are amply generous and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Even on Sundays, they have a menu on offer other than Sunday roast. We’ve now eaten there four times overĀ  the last year when we’ve been over that side of the country…and we shall be going back.

For other choices, see our reviews page of places to eat out

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