Alpro Calls Time on Dessert Envy!

At last, here is a suite of desserts worth shouting about!

If you’ve longed for something rich and creamy, these will hit the spot. Gone are the years of dessert envy. Now you too can luxuriate at dessert time by devouring these divine pots of glorious creaminess, tempered with tangy fruit compote. Allow me to […]

New Additions to the Alpro Family

It’s been a while since a new “yoghurt” appeared on the scene…and just like buses, now there are four. Alpro have brought us the new flavours and they’re all good!

Alpro Lemon and Lime

This one was the first new kid on the block…and for me it’s an absolute star. The zingy lemon and lime […]

Where NOT to eat in Birmingham!

Well, it’s been months since I had a moment to update the site. (I was asked to do some supply work to help a local school in a spot of difficulty and I don’t need to tell anyone who’s ever taught how the job seems to expand into the time available!) Since then, we’ve been […]

Lactofree Icecream in Waitrose

If you’re lactose intolerant, as opposed to casein allergic, this is fabulous stuff and it has finally returned to the Waitrose near me. My kids love it and have been bitterly disappointed that I haven’t been able to get it for about a year. If you too love it, maybe your nearest Waitrose would be […]

Great British Dairy-free Disappointment

Well, here we go again! I don’t know why I bother hoping that TV programmes will do dairy-free cooking properly. This time it’s The Great British Bake Off that’s been a disappointment.

Vegetable cakes.

Of course. How could we ever think of baking anything else? Sponges light as a feather? How could we be so […]

Eating Out in … Leominster

This proved quite a challenge! Leominster is an attractive little town with lots of old-style small shops: an ideal recipe for finding a choice of appealing alternatives for lunch you would think … wrong! To our amazement, it appeared not to have one restaurant open at lunchtime in the main town, and we walked round […]

You Can’t Wash Your Plate and Eat Off It!

Well, it’s been a while! Life gallops past and suddenly it should be summer. It isn’t, of course; just differently branded autumn as usual. However, we still have to eat … and wash up. Which brings me to my latest thought for sharing. This has to rank as one of the oddest places to find […]

Pure special offer!

The large Tesco I use has Pure spread on special offer at 2 boxes for £2. This makes it 25p a box cheaper than Tesco’s own at the moment. Mind you, experience says Pure will be putting their prices up yet again once the offer is over. Usually it’s a few weeks at 2 for […]

Choices Chocolates – Yummm!

These have to be the most delicious commercial dairy-free chocolates I’ve come across. Choices make a caramel-filled chocolates which Sainsbury’s sell. I haven’t found them anywhere else in this country, though they may be available in stores in Ireland where they’re made by a company called Celtic Chocolates.

The chocolates aren’t cheap at £3.99 a […]

Sainsbury’s FreeFrom Easter Eggs

Once again, Sainsbury’s have brought out their own brand easter eggs for their FreeFrom range. These eggs are large, prettily wrapped in spring-like daffodil yellow cellophane and have no box. They’re really a grown-up egg, rather than a kids’ one and are made from dark chocolate with a good flavour and definite “mouth appeal”! At […]