Sainsbury’s FreeFrom Easter Eggs

Once again, Sainsbury’s have brought out their own brand easter eggs for their FreeFrom range. These eggs are large, prettily wrapped in spring-like daffodil yellow cellophane and have no box. They’re really a grown-up egg, rather than a kids’ one and are made from dark chocolate with a good flavour and definite “mouth appeal”! At £3.99 an egg, they’re not cheap, but they are big eggs and make a good gift. The only challenge is transporting them without squashing them. It’s perilously easy to end up with an “Eeyore’s birthday” situation! What they also don’t have is anything inside/alongside the egg. As such, they lose out to Kinnerton’s and to the subject of my next post: Choices.  Having said that, the Kinnerton’s egg is £4.99, but it does have a bar of chocolate with it which usually retails for about £1 (depending on special offers).

For other brands of dairy-free chocolate, see our Reviews page.

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