Yoghurt That Pours – Tasty But Wasteful!

I’ve been meaning to post details of this for some time, but then today I finished a box and felt compelled to whinge about the waste. Alpro have brought out a “New, Improved” pourable version of their excellent vanilla yoghurt. The yoghurt’s lovely: thick but pourable; smooth on the tongue; very vanilla-flavoured and thoroughly delicious either on its own or poured over muesli.

HOWEVER, it’s impossible to get it all out of the box. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve shaken it. I’ve flattened it. I’ve squeezed it all the way along and wrung out a surprising amount more, but no matter how long I squeeze, flatten or shake (and swear at it), I cannot get it all out. Not possible. I’ve even tried hacking off the top with the kitchen scissors, but I can’t honestly recommend this: you end up with most of what you get out all over you (and over the scissors, the spoon, the worktop…). It stops feeling like you’re winning fairly early on in the operation!

And it annoys me. Quite a lot. Especially as it’s not cheap.

Maybe that’s the intention, of course (nasty, cynical mind at work here). Maybe, the marketing/sales people at Alpro have come up with this wonderful wheeze whereby they market this as an innovation designed to help the consumer by saving time in the morning and eliminating the spoon with yoghurt all up the handle (also irritating, I have to admit), while simultaneously ensuring that we all waste a higher percentage of the contents than we do when using the potted stuff.

Of course, it’s probably just the same stuff as the pots, slightly thinned down with a bit of either soya milk or even just water. Still tastes good, though. Given it only turns up occasionally in a huge Tesco’s I use from time to time and not in any other supermarket I’ve tried, it probably shouldn’t annoy me as much as it does. Will I buy it again? Who knows!

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