Mince Goblins

OK, so it’s proper name is mince cobbler, but we’ve known it as mince goblins ever since my elder daughter misheard me years ago. The “goblins” are savoury herb scones which are used to top a tasty mince dish. It’s a little more fiddly than some meals: you have to wash up an extra pot […]


This traditional Belgian dish makes a very satisfying winter meal. It is good served with crispy baked potatoes and either green beans or broccoli.

To make this dish you will need either a flameproof casserole (e.g. le Creuset) or both a frying pan and an ovenproof casserole. It is easier in the flameproof version since […]


This is not a vegan/vegetarian lasagne since our main interest is in replacing the dairy content of meals whilst retaining as much as possible of the original dishes. However, if you replace the meat sauce part with a lentil or Quorn based tomato sauce, the end result will be as good as your sauce is […]