It’s Hot Cross Bun Time!

Hot cross buns, fresh from the oven are among my favourite things to eat. Today I shall be making a batch with my children ready for tomorrow. You can make them in two ways. Last year I put up my quick version using a bread machine. I intend making some of these this morning so […]

No-Knead Fruit Loaf

This is my latest variation on the ever-faithful no-knead recipe. It makes a great breakfast bread and a ‘spreaded’ slice makes a good snack for school, or for those days when you have to go straight from school to a club of some sort.

The basics of the recipe are the same as the original […]

Quick Hot Cross Buns

I know you can see these in the supermarkets most of the year now, but today’s when we’re supposed to be eating them. Here’s how you can have a beautiful batch of spicy treats in time for tea. This is the quick version, made using the bread machine.

For this recipe you will need a […]

No-Knead Bread

Yes, really! You can make delicious bread with no kneading and minimal effort. It makes fantastic bread for weekends, as you do need to be around to bake in the middle of the day if you want to eat it very fresh. If you don’t mind eating it the following morning, you can do it […]

How can Strawberry Jam have Milk in it?

Sounds odd? Well, it can happen. The traditional way of preventing strawberry jam from developing a layer of scum while you’re making it, is to add a knob of butter. While I can’t believe commercial jam makers still do this, it could well still be happening in domestic jam making. This could be an issue […]

It’s Jam Time!

It’s that time of the year again! I love finding fruit in the hedgerows and turning it into jams or freezing it for fruit crumbles and tarts in the depths of winter. The last couple of weeks have been filled with picking, freezing and then jamming a huge crop of wild plums of all different […]

Mueslis and Granolas from Morrison’s

In many areas these days, the choice of source for food shopping can be limited to whichever of the big supermarkets has been allowed to dominate your particular patch. We live 15-20 minutes’ drive from any of the big supermarkets, so I use several of them at different times and for different things. The result […]

Muesli update

I have some more mueslis for you. Also some more information on the brands which I’ve already reviewed. It became apparent that they come at very different prices. Therefore I’ve collected the price per 100g for each brand. On the reviews page, all the material is collated for easy reference.



swiss c.m.


Sojade Natural Yoghurt

I found a new variety of soya yoghurt in my local health food shop this week and I’m pleased to say it’s a good thing.

The flavour and texture are good. It is similar to the real thing. As ever with soya yoghurts, it lacks the sharpness which is so distinctive in dairy yoghurt, but […]

Mueslis and Granolas

I’ve been doing a bit of investigation. Muesli’s a very popular breakfast cereal in our house, but there are only a few which all of us can eat. (I’m allergic to honey, just to complicate life that little bit more than is strictly necessary.)

Mueslis and granolas come in three sorts: the obviously toxic, the […]