Sojade Natural Yoghurt

I found a new variety of soya yoghurt in my local health food shop this week and I’m pleased to say it’s a good thing.

The flavour and texture are good. It is similar to the real thing. As ever with soya yoghurts, it lacks the sharpness which is so distinctive in dairy yoghurt, but Sojade is not as sweet as many. I don’t know what they do to the soya milk they use to make this, but it doesn’t have the flat, dusty taste which tends to mark out plain soya yoghurts. It has no added sugar or salt and yet it is somehow tasty. We made a cucumber raita with it, which was lovely. It’s also good on muesli.

It’s a French product and I have to say, French companies have moved ahead in the field of soya desserts in the past few years. There is a much wider range available in the supermarkets in France than here. No one company has the total market dominance which Alpro has achieved here and the result is a much more competitive market place.

At the moment our health food shop only has the plain version, but, having investigated the Sojade website ,they make ten other flavours! They are all “bio” (which is the French code for organic), vegan and therefore free from dairy products. I’m very much hoping to persuade the shop to stock some of the other flavours and will let you know how they taste as soon as I can get my hands on some!

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  • Marie


    Can you please let me know if sojade yogurt is gluten free.

    Marie Agboola

  • Marie

    sojade yogurt is quite good, both the texture and the taste are pleasant

  • Hi Marie,
    I agree! At last, a soya yoghurt which is pretty close to the real thing. Sojade do ten flavoured versions which are also very good. It’s just a shame that you can only get the range in health food shops. It’s a French company, so going on holiday there is great as all the supermarkets sell this and several other makes too. However, Alpro still has total domination of the supermarkets here… which is a pity as their plain soya yoghurt is fairly horrible! Their vanilla’s quite good now. I like it on muesli in preference to soya milk, which always tastes of soya.

    As for the gluten-freeness of it, I can’t guarantee it. However, I would be surprised if there were any wheat products in it. Soya makes it quite starchy enough already. You would have to email a question to the company to be absolutely sure.

    Thanks for getting in touch,

  • Margaret Brown

    Is Sojade Soya Yogurt LIVE?

    If so is there anywhere in Shropshire that sells Soyade?

  • Atomjack

    Hello Margaret,
    Sorry about the delay in replying: been away! In Shropshire I would start in Ludlow, given its reputation for independent food shops. You need to find an independent health food shop to find Sojade. Yes it has live yoghurt cultures in it. If you can find a proper health food shop (that is not Holland & Barratt), I would ask them if they would consider ordering it. I’m not familiar with Shropshire shops myself: wrong part of the country for me, but I’m sure Ludlow would have something and if that’s not close to you, it might be worth ringing a shop there and asking them whether they can suggest anyone closer to you, or indeed whether they do mail order. Otherwise, try Googling “independent health food shop near (insert your postcode)”.
    Good luck!

  • Doug Gray

    I`m about to put an order in with Goodness Direct for some of these organic yoghurts,having only just heard of Sojade, which led to this site…..two years after the article was written!

  • Hi Doug,
    The flavours remain as good they ever were two years ago! If you ever go to France, where the company’s based, you can get even more flavours just by going to a hypermarket. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? However, back here, they are worth the effort which it takes to track them down. I hope you find some recipes here which you can use. Do drop by again!
    Enjoy your Sojade when it comes,

  • Love sojade blueberry and apricot <3

  • Margaret Brown

    I actually found Sojade yogurt in a Health Food Shop in Oswestry, Shropshire. The shop is called Honeysuckle and is opposite the Parish Church on the left hand side of theroad & just passed The Wynnstay Hotel.

  • Excellent! So glad you found it in the end. Are they getting the lovely flavours in for you? Hope so!


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