Banana cake

A slice of this loaf cake makes a great addition to a lunch box and it really isn’t difficult.

For this recipe you will need: a 2lb loaf tin, a food processor and a large mixing bowl.

Recipe: Banana Cake Ingredients 8oz / 225g self-raising flour 4oz / 100g spread 6oz / 175g caster sugar […]

Choc-mint squares

These are so easy to make and they make a lovely after-dinner mint which is sadly lacking these days since pretty much everybody commercial has started to put milk/butterfat into plain chocolate. You do need to be lucky and have one of the few stores to have dairy-free digestive biscuits on their shelves nearby, but […]

No-Knead Bread

Yes, really! You can make delicious bread with no kneading and minimal effort. It makes fantastic bread for weekends, as you do need to be around to bake in the middle of the day if you want to eat it very fresh. If you don’t mind eating it the following morning, you can do it […]