New Additions to the Alpro Family

It’s been a while since a new “yoghurt” appeared on the scene…and just like buses, now there are four. Alpro have brought us the new flavours and they’re all good!

Alpro Lemon and Lime

This one was the first new kid on the block…and for me it’s an absolute star. The zingy lemon and lime […]

How can Strawberry Jam have Milk in it?

Sounds odd? Well, it can happen. The traditional way of preventing strawberry jam from developing a layer of scum while you’re making it, is to add a knob of butter. While I can’t believe commercial jam makers still do this, it could well still be happening in domestic jam making. This could be an issue […]

Fantastic Chocolate Sponge Cake

This has been a mainstay of my family for more years than I can remember. It is easy to make and produces a reliably delicious, light and fluffy cake. The only thing which you must NEVER EVER do is open the oven before 20 minutes of the cooking time have passed. You can make a […]