New Additions to the Alpro Family

It’s been a while since a new “yoghurt” appeared on the scene…and just like buses, now there are four. Alpro have brought us the new flavours and they’re all good!

Alpro Lemon & LimeAlpro Lemon and Lime

This one was the first new kid on the block…and for me it’s an absolute star. The zingy lemon and lime come through excellently and the texture is superb. For me, it compares favourably with the fabulous lemon curd real yoghurt which has been on the market for a while now. This one’s so good that I don’t put it on my muesli: I don’t want to mask any of its glory with other flavours. Just eat and enjoy. (Sometimes straight out of the pot!)


Alpro Strawberry with RhubarbAlpro Strawberry with Rhubarb

A good addition, put slightly in the shade by its showier lemon & lime cousin. The texture and flavour of this are both good, but the combination doesn’t quite have star quality. The “mouth feel” isn’t quite as stunning, possibly because both strawberries and rhubarb introduce more water into the mixture. There is also an inevitable slightly beige tinge to the yoghurt. I applaud Alpro’s courage in deciding not to add more colour. Don’t be put off by the beige, enjoy the lovely fruitiness of this new addition.


 Alpro Plain with AlmondAlpro Plain with Almond

I think this is lovely. The children call it marzipan yoghurt and they’re about right. The texture feels smoother and creamier in the mouth than the original Alpro Plain and the development scientists have finally got rid of the lingering aftertaste taste of soggy cardboard. (And about time too!)


Alpro Plain with CoconutAlpro Plain with Coconut

Last but by no means least, this has the richness and creaminess of coconut cream which gives the yoghurt a silky texture which has been  lacking in soya yoghurts until recently. Gone is the old grainy feel and strange backtaste: this is a very superior new arrival. I like this very much indeed.

For details of other “yoghurt-free yoghurts”, see our product review page.

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