Braised Pheasant

This is one for a cold autumn evening when you’ve been out on the hills. You can throw it in the oven in about 20 minutes and it’ll be ready an hour and a half later…plenty of time for a drink and a chat before dinner! I try to keep some pheasant thighs in the […]

Sausage casserole

This is one of our family favourites for a weektime dinner. It scores highly on several fronts: it is easy and fairly quick to assemble; it is tasty; it can be thrown in the oven to look after itself. What more could you ask?

You need to go for good quality sausages for this. I […]

Midwinter Venison

This is a recipe for the cold, dark winter evenings. It is rich and satisfying and has the added bonus of being a dish which does most of the work for you and can be made in advance, which means that you can cook this for guests and still get to talk to them before […]