Helen’s Cream Cheese Topping

This a recipe provided by someone who’s been working on it for a while. She uses it on carrot cake. The ingredients and method are hers and you’re welcome to contact her with any queries by leaving a comment on this post. It sounds good to me.

For this recipe you will need an electric […]

Waitrose Digestive Biscuits Now Toxic!!


Waitrose have gone and deprived us of one of our staples for making cheesecakes!

The biscuit shelves in one of the Waitrose stores which I use now carries a label stating that their own digestive biscuits now contain milk!! They’ve changed the recipe. Apparently all new batches have new labels which have […]

Dairy Free Biscuits

I am currently playing around with an unbaked cheesecake recipe and to this end I have been investigating the availability of dairy free biscuits for the base. While I like baking biscuits very much, I find I’m much less enthusiastic if I know I’m baking them simply in order to crush them up for crumbs. […]

Balti-style Lamb

This is a great meal to make with leftovers from the weekend’s lamb joint. As it uses cooked lamb, the cooking time is fairly short, so it’s a good choice when you fancy something tasty (that isn’t just cold lamb and veg.), but you don’t have much time.

We cook Indian food in a flat-bottomed […]

Fast and Fabulous Fruit Loaf

This is a fabulously fruity and amazingly easy fruit loaf. It’s a great recipe to make with children. I made this with mine when they were not much more than 18 months old. Once they can stand on a chair, they can help to choose the proportions of the dried fruit and put handfuls onto […]