Helen’s Cream Cheese Topping

This a recipe provided by someone who’s been working on it for a while. She uses it on carrot cake. The ingredients and method are hers and you’re welcome to contact her with any queries by leaving a comment on this post. It sounds good to me.

For this recipe you will need an electric hand held mixer, a sieve and a large mixing bowl.

Recipe: Helen’s Cream Cheese Topping


  • 15g Stork hard margarine for pastry (NOT spread: that has milk in it)
  • 60g Tofutti Original Creamy Smooth
  • 15g Vitalite
  • ½tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 ½tsp lemon juice
  • 200g icing sugar, plus extra as required


  1. Beat the Stork until smooth.
  2. Add the Vitalite and the Tofutti Creamy Smooth and beat again.
  3. Add the vanilla extract and the lemon juice and mix thoroughly.
  4. Sift in the icing sugar and beat.
  5. Add more icing sugar to achieve the desired consistency (if you add even the tiniest bit too much liquid you will need more icing sugar).

Quick Notes

Good for carrot cake topping.

Preparation time (duration): 10 minutes

Diet type: Dairy-free

Meal type: dessert

Culinary tradition: English

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