Welcome to the DFZ, a source of all good things which aren’t squeezed from the underside of cows. Whether you’re allergic to milk,  have a lactose intolerance, or are on a dairy-free diet for health reasons, you’ll find lots of recipes and useful tips here. We also try to review the many dairy substitutes that are available. Some are good, some are bad, and some are very ugly indeed!

If you’re looking for dairy-free products which are out there in the UK, you need our Reviews page. We try to keep this as up-to-date as possible by scouring the shelves in health food shops and supermarkets wherever we are. If it’s lovely, we rave about it. If it’s revolting, we say so. Nobody is paying us to review their stuff and we get no freebies (not yet anyway…no harm in hoping!!): what we say is what our own experience has taught us. If a product has drawbacks, these will be listed under “gotchas”. If something is a real belter, we’ll say so!!

If you’re desperate for something appetising to cook, try our Recipes posts. The archive covers a wide range of foods, some of which are naturally dairy-free, but most of which are adapted versions of things you actually want to eat…as opposed to “How To Make Dairy-Free Fruit Salad” (!!!Don’t get me started!!!). You want tiramisu? We have a recipe for it. You want the high speed slightly cheating version? We have that as well. Maybe you’re desperate for an unbaked chocolate cheesecake? Yes, we can do that too! Have you almost forgotten what lasagne tastes like? Well, maybe you should try our recipe and remind yourself.

Whatever you’re looking for, I hope you enjoy using our site. Leave us a comment and get involved in the dairy-free community: there are more of us out there than you might think!