I’m back!

It’s been far too long since I’ve been able to keep the site updated on a regular basis, but I’m back and I’ve got a big pile of recipes and reviews to add to our collection. I shall be dusting off the cobwebs and pruning the out of date bits over the next weeks, as […]

What’s Cooking? Lactose-free Dessert

Sitting here stuck at home unwell, I came across Channel 4’s What’s Cooking for the first time. What did I hear? The final recipe was a lactose-free dessert. My little ears pricked up and I thought I might see something interesting and new. What did I see? Yet more ****** fruit salad!!!! OK, this one […]

Dairy-free in Later Pregnancy

OK, so you’ve survived the horrors of unending sickness and nausea; you’ve accepted that you’re just not going to “bloom” as well-meaning people keep telling you you will, because there isn’t any time left for blooming: you’re now entering the “I’m understudying a whale” phase and it’s time to think about how you’re going to […]

Dairy-free in early pregnancy

The challenges of feeding a dairy-free baby can seem overwhelming. We felt completely at sea trying to sort out what we were supposed to do about formula milk, weaning foods and even what you should eat/not eat as a breastfeeding mother, given the transmission of milk protein into breast milk.

Looking after yourself

In the […]

Dairy-free baby

Being dairy-free as an adult isn’t really too bad most of the time, once you get used to it. However, when you become pregnant a whole new set of issues pop up. When I first became pregnant, some years ago, I tried to find out what I should do about food, given the possiblity that […]

Shipton Mill

For those of you who have become enthusiastic bread bakers, but who find the issue of carting heavy bags of flour home from the shops (having paid over the odds for it), becomes a real bore, I have found a solution. All my bread flour now comes mail order from Shipton Mill with free delivery […]

Update on the no-knead bread

I tried the all-day approach to the no knead bread the other day and it worked superbly! I put it together about 8am and left it all day. Just before going to bed I knocked it back and popped it into its tin, then it sat and rose all night. In the morning, I put […]

Happy Christmas to One and All!

A very Happy Christmas to everyone! I hope your feasts were magnificent and you were able to feel proud that you can cater for all your dairy-free needs without compromising on taste or tradition!

Now that I’m not making jam and chutney all the hours there are, more things will be appearing here again very […]