Happy Christmas to One and All!

A very Happy Christmas to everyone! I hope your feasts were magnificent and you were able to feel proud that you can cater for all your dairy-free needs without compromising on taste or tradition!

Now that I’m not making jam and chutney all the hours there are, more things will be appearing here again very soon.

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  • Sue Eckroth

    Good morning Sian:

    We e-mailed during the holidays this past year and you were generous in your suggestions to me. I promised an update….I ended up making a fruitcake from several different sources. The results unremarkable. In fact my walnuts had gotten old and the whole cake was less than I had hoped for. Since then, I’ve temporarily dropped wheat from my diet to see if intestinal problems of years past might be an intolerance to wheat.

    I’m now preparing to go on an elimination diet whereby I will take 7 predetermined foods away from my recipes and then add them back slowly to try to find the culprit that makes me blow up like a balloon. Although I don’t like the fads that we see regularly, this regimen is sensible and might help me work through my dietary problems. I was about to seek medical assistance if a nutritionist or gastro doctor was available in our area. This method seems wise and a wonderful source for getting all the nutrients necessary to reduce inflammation and achieve a healthy gut. No chemicals – the food I have to buy will be based on the principles of the Mediterranean style of eating. The name of the book is the JJ Virgin diet.

    You may or may not find this interesting but I thought I would share it anyway. Happy Spring. Soon we will see little green things popping up to investigate their new world from ground level.


  • Hi Sue,

    Sorry to hear your cake wasn’t as good as you had hoped. Nuts do age remarkably quickly once the pack is open, don’t they. Good luck with sorting out your gut problems. I wish you all success.


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