Mueslis and Granolas

I’ve been doing a bit of investigation.  Muesli’s a very popular breakfast cereal in our house, but there are only a few which all of us can eat. (I’m allergic to honey, just to complicate life that little bit more than is strictly necessary.)

Mueslis and granolas come in three sorts: the obviously toxic, the dreaded “may contain” and the ones that should be fine. In general, more granolas seem to be dairy free than mueslis. (I can’t eat most of those, however, as they almost all contain honey.) As with any product which is new to you, apply common sense and caution when first trying it and check the ingredients EVERY TIME you buy it. I have lost count of the times that something which has always been safe suddenly starts to have milk powder added to the ingredients.

In addition to whether or not these products are free from dairy products, there is also the issue of just how much sugar they contain. Be aware that the dietary information will list the percentage of the product which is sugar. (That’s the “per 100g” column.) That figure will be made up of the natural sugars in any fruit in the muesli as well as any added refined sugar. The total figure can be very high. Fruit is good for you, but feeding a bowl of some of these to a child will not be the healthy option which you might think it would be. To this end, when there is a muesli or granola which is free from dairy products, I have listed the percentage of sugars present in each. You can then make up your own mind about which to choose. My suggestion would be to put a small amount of granola, some sultanas or raisins and some plain, mixed flakes in a jar and to shake well. That way you reduce both the sugar content and the cost of each portion!



Comes in lots of varieties. I’m afraid you can’t eat any of them. All have skimmed milk powder in them and are NOT safe. Be very careful if you are eating breakfast at a hotel. Many will be serving Alpen. If in doubt, always ask to see the ingredients.

Essential Waitrose Swiss Style Muesli

Based on Alpen. Contains skimmed milk powder. NOT safe.



As far as I can see, all Jordans breakfast cereals apart from their porridge oats, have the dreaded “may contain traces of…” phrase. The ingredients look fine, but it’s always safer not to risk it.

Eat Natural for breakfast

Another “may contain…” range. Best avoided.

Dorset Cereals

Chocolate and macadamia nuts granola.
This has a “may contain traces of…” label for milk and, given the chocolate in the name, it may well be true. Best avoided.


Essential Waitrose Fruit Muesli

Mixed flakes and dried fruits. Some of the fruit is sweetened. 27% sugars.

Essential Waitrose Fruit and Nut Muesli

As above, with mixed nuts. 24.1% sugars.

Waitrose Oat Crunchy

Comes in several varieties, all without milk as far as I can tell. Haven’t tried them as I can’t eat honey! Do let me know whether they’re good or not.

Banana, papaya and honey. Has added sugar and honey. 21% sugars.

Blueberry and cranberry. Has added sugar and honey.26.1% sugars.

Honey, raisin and almond. Has added sugar and honey. 20.1% sugars.

Organic. Has added sugar and honey. 25.2% sugars.

Seriously nutty maple and mixed nut crisp. Has added golden granulated sugar, inverted sugar syrup, maple syrup and molasses. 20.4% sugars.

Seriously fruity mixed berry crisp. Has added golden granulated sugar. 27.3% sugars.

Kellogg’s Nature’s Pleasure

Almond, pecan and cashew. 16% sugars.

Raspberry and cherry. 20% sugars.

Pertwood Organics

This is a new name to me. I only found the one type, banana and walnut, but their website assures me there are three. It has no added sugar or salt (ie. all the sugar content comes from the fruit). 12.2% sugars.
where to get it: Waitrose

Dorset Cereals

Several varieties of muesli,  all of which have a milk-free list of ingredients. All are expensive.

Berries and cherries. 41% sugars. Yes, really!!

Super cranberry, cherry and almond. 31.4% sugars.

Fruits, nuts and seeds. 24.3% sugars.

Really nutty muesli. 12% sugars.

Organic fruit, nuts and seeds. 18.9% sugars.

Then there’s a safe granola that I’ve found.

Honey granola. 13.1% sugars.

Lizi’s Granola

This comes in three different varieties. They are all apparently free from dairy products and are all expensive.

Organic luxury toasted cereal. (Nuts and seeds to you and me.) 10.2% sugars.

Pink apple and cinnamon granola. (Much as above but with apple.) 19.1% sugars.

Treacle and pecan granola. Has added treacle (as per the name).14.9% sugars.

Quaker Oats Oat Granola

Has two lots of sugar added, plus glucose syrup and honey. 26% sugars.

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