Mueslis and Granolas from Morrison’s

In many areas these days, the choice of source for food shopping can be limited to whichever of the big supermarkets has been allowed to dominate your particular patch. We live 15-20 minutes’ drive from any of the big supermarkets, so I use several of them at different times and for different things. The result of this is that I’m trawling each one in turn for the things I’m reviewing. I hope that this will eventually cover whichever supermarket you have near you. Our local medium-sized supermarket is a Morrison’s and this latest batch of mueslis is from there.

As usual these reviews will be added to the reviews page with all of the others so that you can compare them properly. For the edible ones I’ve included the sugar content as usual. There’s a big range in the sugar content of these ones: from 12% to 31%! Just try to visualise almost one third of your cereal portion as a heap of sugar! No wonder we’re all addicted to sugar. I think I shall be trying the Dorset Cereals’ Jumbo Raisins next.



No Added Sugar Muesli

Swiss Style Muesli

Organic Fruit & Nut Muesli

These all have milk listed in the ingredients.



Organic Fruit Crunchy

This is made in a factory which handles milk, so for highly allergics there is always a risk of contamination. Best avoided.


Dorset Cereals

Really Nutty Muesli. 22.3% sugars. 26.6p/100g. (This was a special offer. Didn’t give any indication of what they normally charge.)

Super High Fibre. 27.5% sugars. 26.6p/100g. (As above for the price)

Jumbo Raisins. 12% sugars. 23.5p/100g.


Classic Oat Crunchy: Raisin, Honey and Almond. Added sugar and honey. 26.8% sugars. 25.8p/100g.

Hawaiian Oat Crunchy: Raisin, Banana and Pineapple. Added sugar and sweetened dried fruit. 24.5% sugars. 25.8p/100g.


Special Recipe Wholewheat Muesli. Sugar on banana chips. 22.3% sugars. 17.6p/100g.

Wholwheat Muesli. Sugar on banana chips. 22.3% sugars. 16.6p/100g.

Maple and Pecan Crispy Clusters. Added sugar. 26.5% sugars. 25.6p/100g.

Strawberry Crispy Clusters. Added sugar. 31.2% sugars. 25.6p/100g.

As usual, all of these are also on our reviews pages.

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