Sojade Blueberry Yoghurt

My local health food shop has managed to produce a pot of the blueberry version of Sojade’s soya yoghurt. I can now report that it’s good, but not quite as good as I’d hoped. The flavour is fairly well rounded, but it’s not as much better than Alpro’s stuff as the plain version is. There is still a slight back-taste of soya, which I had hoped the Sojade boffins would have overcome. The texture’s good, just as it is in the plain one. It’s fine, really, but I’d been hoping that it would be sensational, given how far ahead the plain version is of anything else I’ve found in this country. Maybe that was unreasonable.

I shall try another flavour next time… and of course, I’ll report back! See the reviews pages for other yoghurts.

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