Review of Dairy-free Ice Cream

Somehow or other I seem to have missed this essential part of family pudding time off the site. Major oversight! I shall put this right over the next few posts.

There are some dairy-free ice creams out there and some of them are good, but they can be hard to find. Some are also very expensive. I’ll start with the ones you stand most chance of finding!

Swedish Glace

This is the only brand generally available in supermarkets. The pots make quite good freezer containers for food when you’ve finished the ice cream, though they are hexagonal which has its drawbacks. These days it comes in several flavours, but the main ones you will find are:-

Smooth Vanilla

I don’t think it’s quite as good as it used to be. The flavour isn’t as real (if you know what I mean). The vanilla is no longer as good and there is an odd, slightly chemical aftertaste. I tend to avoid this now as it’s no longer a pleasure to eat. Which is a shame, as it used to be so good!
Where to get it: some Waitrose/Ocado, some Sainsbury’s, some larger Tesco, most health food shops.

Rich Chocolate

This is now our flavour of choice. It has a good chocolatey taste and a smooth texture. It feels good in the mouth which is always key with ice cream.
Where to get it: some Waitrose/Ocado, some Sainsbury’s, some larger Tesco, most health food shops.

Juicy Raspberry

This is good. Not exciting and a bit pink, but perfectly acceptable for raspberry ice cream. Again, has a good texture.
Where to get it: some Waitrose/Ocado, some larger Sainsbury’s, some larger Tesco, most health food shops.

Wild Blueberry

A pleasant ice cream, but not exactly to die for. The flavour is fairly delicate and, in this family, is not felt to go very well with fruit. The flavours seem to clash, particularly with strawberries. Since that’s how we tend to eat ice cream, that limits its usefulness. It’s OK on its own, but I never have enough room in the freezer for a hexagonal box of something which won’t go with other things.


This is relatively new to the range and has been hard to find. I’ve been busy putting in requests for it in Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury, you name it I’ve asked for it. It is in larger boxes than the usual flavours and is a huge hit with my children. They love the excitement of having three flavours in one box. The peculiar thing is that the vanilla stripe of the box seems to taste much better than the vanilla on its own. This may be an illusion caused by the mixture of flavours, I don’t know for sure.
Where to get it: some Waitrose/Ocado, some Sainsbury’s, some larger Tesco, some health food shops.

Your key to finding this stuff is to keep pestering the supermarkets. Keep asking for it. Keep filling in the product request forms. Ask your friends to request it too. That way there are other names than just yours on the forms. Keep checking the freezers when you shop, as the window for buying it when it does appear before it vanishes again can be quite small.

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