Muesli update

I have some more mueslis for you. Also some more information on the brands which I’ve already reviewed. It became apparent that they come at very different prices. Therefore I’ve collected the price per 100g for each brand. On the reviews page, all the material is collated for easy reference.



swiss c.m.

No idea what the “c.m.” bit means, but it’s got milk in it, so who cares?



All of the Oats & More range. There are lots of them, but they’re all labelled “may contain…”.


swiss a.c.e.

Another posy name. Also labelled “may contain…”.




This one’s organic and gluten free. It has no added sugar. The downside is that it looks like birdseed. Come to think of it, given it has both linseed and millet in it, in some ways it is birdseed. 5.4% sugars. 93.8p per 100g.

Goji and Yacon

Exotic bits in among the birdseed. No added sugar. 16.4% sugars. 50p per 100g.

Very Berry

All sorts of berries instead of the exotic stuff. No added sugar. 25.3% sugars. 79p per 100g.

Fair Trade

Fruit and Nut Muesli

Standard looking mix. Some sugar on sweetened banana chips. 19.9% sugars. 39.8p per 100g.

The Food Doctor

Organic Muesli Mix

Does what it says on the tin. No added sugar. 11.6% sugars. Expensive for what it is. 79.8p per 100g.

Pertwood Organic

Organic Granola Sultanas and Nuts.

Added sugar and honey. 23.8% sugars. 70.4p per 100g.

Lovedean Granola

The Famous Original

Looks lovely. The design had gone for the homely and ideal family lifestyle product in a BIG way. It may well taste as good as it looks, but it’s very expensive. Has added honey. 13.1% sugars. £1.18 per 100g !!!

The Lite Fantastic

As above with added honey. 14% sugars. £1.18 per 100g.

Tangy Cranberry

Again as above, but with sweetened cranberries and added honey. 18.8% sugars. £1.18 per 100g.

These may well be very good, but they’d have to be outstanding to make them worth the price. A luxury product.

Rude Health Organic Muesli

The Early Bird

Standard looking muesli mix. No added sugar. 14.8% sugars. 57.5p per 100g.

The Ultimate

A luxury version of the one above. No added sugar. 12.2% sugars. 96p per 100g!
No Flamin’ Raisins

A fruit, nut and seed muesli with, as the name says, no raisins. No added sugar. 3.2% sugars. 63.3p per 100g.

Prices for the mueslis I did last week

Waitrose Essential Fruit and Nut Muesli. 27.4p per 100g for the boxes. 25.6p per 100g if you buy the kilo bag.

Waitrose Essential Fruit Muesli. 27.4p per 100g for the boxes. 25.6p per 100g if you buy the kilo bag.

Waitrose Maple and Triple Nut. 39.5p per 100g.

Waitrose Fruit and Seed. 39.5p per 100g.

Waitrose High Fibre Muesli. 34.9p per 100g.

Waitrose Organic Muesli. 34.9p per 100g.

Waitrose Orchard Fruits and Berries. 39.5p per 100g.

Lizi’s Organic Granola. 99.8p per 100g.

Lizi’s Organic Pink Apple and Cinnamon. 87.3p per 100g.

Lizi’s Organic Treacle and Pecan. 79.8p per 100g.

Dorset Cereals

Simply Fruity. 30.4p per 100g.

Tasty toasted Spelt, Barley and Oat Flakes. 50p per 100g.

Super High Fibre. 41p per 100g.

Organic Fruit, Nuts and Seeds. 46.4p per 100g.

Fruit, Nuts and Seeds. 41.2p per 100g.

Berries and Cherries. 46.3p per 100g.

Mixed Pack of single portions. 65p per 100g.

Super Nutty Cranberry, Cherry and Almond. 53.6p per 100g.

And one new variety:

Fantastically Fruity Roasted and Toasted. Heavy on the fruit. Some of which is sweetened. 18.9% sugars. 65p per 100g.

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