Kinnerton’s Dairy-free Easter Eggs!!

Look what I found in Tesco a couple of days ago!! A large dairy-free easter egg from Kinnerton’s. It’s an adult look in style, with a bar of the usual Kinnerton’s dairy-free chocolate in the box too. At last a company that recognises that not all dairy-free people are under 5 years old! According to Kinnerton’s website, the eggs are available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Asda. I’ve only found 2 eggs and both were in a huge Tesco. They’re not in either of the Morrison’s in my area. I haven’t made it to the big Sainsbury’s yet. I hope they have them, as I could do with 1 more!

For other brands of dairy-free chocolate, see our Reviews page.

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