Choices Chocolates – Yummm!

These have to be the most delicious commercial dairy-free chocolates I’ve come across. Choices make a caramel-filled chocolates which Sainsbury’s sell. I haven’t found them anywhere else in this country, though they may be available in stores in Ireland where they’re made by a company called Celtic Chocolates.

The chocolates aren’t cheap at £3.99 a packet, …but they are divine! Do you know, a whole packet can just evaporate into nothing if you don’t pay attention?? Amazing! They don’t have a soya backtaste and the company hasn’t gone for the knit your own sandals carob option which seems to be part of the compulsory flagellation mantra of many vegan “chocolate” bars. (Why? Doesn’t taste nice. If you go fair trade choc you contribute to small farmers’ income. )

They are truly the best thing out. Try them. Get someone to give you some. Drop HEAVY hints. If desperate, go out and buy yourself some. Call it market research!

The company also made an Easter egg this year, which at £4.99 for a small egg seemed too expensive for me to justify the market research option, so I can’t tell you what they were like. I did stand in Sainsbury’s with one in my hand. It even made it to the trolley twice, but I put it back each time after due consideration of the price. It just didn’t seem right spending that much on an egg that was frankly small.

For other brands of dairy-free chocolate, see our Reviews page.

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