Pure special offer!

The large Tesco I use has Pure spread on special offer at 2 boxes for £2. This makes it 25p a box cheaper than Tesco’s own at the moment. Mind you, experience says Pure will be putting their prices up yet again once the offer is over. Usually it’s a few weeks at 2 for £2, followed by a 10p a box price hike. If they follow through again, Pure will price themselves right out of the market: Tesco’s own spread (which is very much the same in terms of flavour and general usability) is £1.25 a box; Sainsbury’s own brand spread is about the same price and also good for baking cakes (not pastry: you need a hard margarine-like thing for that, not soft spread) and Vitalite is about £1.30 round here (also perfectly good to use, if high in salt). At the moment, Pure is £1.5o a box in Tesco and up to £1.60 elsewhere. Now, it’s a good product. I don’t dispute this. However, I’m not sure it’s THAT much better than its competitors, if at all. I’m now only buying it when it’s on special offer.

Which brings me back to where I started: get out there and buy it while it’s cheap!

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