You Can’t Wash Your Plate and Eat Off It!

Well, it’s been a while! Life gallops past and suddenly it should be summer. It isn’t, of course; just differently branded autumn as usual. However, we still have to eat … and wash up. Which brings me to my latest thought for sharing. This has to rank as one of the oddest places to find milk: washing up liquid. Yes, really. Not just any old washing up liquid. Expensive, save the planet, only from health food shops washing up liquid. Ecover, to be precise.

Surprised? I was staggered. WHY??? Why would a company which is all vegan this that and the other, put whey in their washing up liquid? It’s only in one variety, so you can still save the planet with the other “flavours”, but this is obviously put there to sort their customers into two groups: the true die-hard econut who reads every ingredient on everything whether it matters or not and the rest of the world who don’t really matter.

So, the one you’re avoiding is the Chamomile and Marigold one. The other two flavours are fine. Ecover lists the Chamomile and Marigold one as its only product to contain animal ingredients. Unfortunately, it does mean that you have yet another question to ask your save the planet friends before you can safely eat their food.

“Please don’t take this personally, but how did you wash up the last time you used these plates/glasses/saucepans (delete as appropriate)?”

Could be the end of a beautiful friendship!

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