Pure on offer

Pure Sunflower and Soya are currently on offer at Tesco’s. They’re doing 2 for £2 for the next couple of weeks, so take advantage and stock up. The dates on the batch I found were end of October, so I now have a tidy stack at the back of the fridge. It goes fast enough, after all!

If you’re looking for alternatives to Pure, see our reviewspage for a range of other dairy-free spreads which are out there.

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  • Helen Clarke


    Nothing to do with Pure but not sure where else to leave this query! I’ve just come across a (relatively) new company called Ilumi (www.ilumiworld.com) who do gluten, nut and dairy-free convenience foods. Whilst browsing their site, I came across MozzaRisella (www.mozzarisella.co.uk), which is a vegan ‘cheese’ made from brown rice which looks a whole lot better than the chemical-laden soya stuff I currently use! I wondered if you’ve ever heard of it/used it? It looks like it’s only available online or in London health food shops…maybe it will make it as far as East Anglia at some point 🙂

    We are now possibly dealing with an E-number allergy as well as dairy and nuts – we are currently waiting for tests. My son came up in huge itchy welts when he was given a certain brand of well-known children’s medication (won’t say which for fear of litigation!!). I suspect an E-number allergy will cause us even more headaches than dairy 🙁

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