Somewhere else to eat in Great Malvern

For good Thai food at lunchtime on a Saturday, you could try The Red Lion.

The Red Lion, 4 Saint Ann’s Road, Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 4RG 01684 564787

We’ve eaten here three times now on Saturdays at lunch time and have had excellent Thai food. There are other dishes on offer, some of which are non-dairy, but it’s the Thai that we go back for. The landlady is Thai (owns and runs the restaurant next door, we think) and the cooking is authentic and safe (dairy-free-wise). Having googled the pub, I was surprised to find some very hostile reviews, but I can honestly say that we’ve never had anything but good service and excellent food. Each dish tastes distinctly different – as it should, but let’s face it, in many places all the Thai tastes the same and all the Indian dishes taste the same. Here, each dish has its own character and is freshly cooked. Yes, you have to wait, but not longer than you would expect for freshly cooked food. I haven’t been there in the evening when it may well be busier and therefore slower, but for me it’s a good place to go when you’ve been up on the hills all morning, are deep frozen and in need of some good food to thaw out with! Oh, and they have a choice of ales too. Doesn’t get much better than that!
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  • We’ve always found that Chinese restaurants are very good for dairy free eating out as they tend not to use many dairy ingredients. Of note I would suggest The Victory Ship on Crowthorne High Street, nr Bracknell and The China Moon just off the A1 at Retford. We’ve found them both really helpful with a good knowledge of their ingredients

  • Thank you for those, Fiona. I agree that Chinese food does tend to be safe as much of the South-East Asian population is lactose intolerant and their cooking reflects this. As ever it’s finding places where the staff really know (or can/will ask someone who does) know their food’s ingredients. It’s always good to know of other places around the country where it’s safe (and a pleasure!) to eat.

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