Lunchtime in Hereford

Thai Gallery, Hereford

48 Broad St, Hereford, County of Herefordshire HR4 9AR

01432 277374

Here is another offering in our periodic series of places to eat dairy-free. Hereford (lovely town, by the way) has a branch of the Thai Gallery which exceeded our expectations on the weekend. This is a business which has a restaurant in Worcester as well. Now, we ate in that branch about a year ago and, while not bad, it wasn’t great. By contrast, the Hereford restaurant produced dishes which tasted distinctly different (unlike the Worcester one) and which were very good. The choice of dishes is wide and there are plenty of things which don’t use coconut milk if you prefer to avoid that in case it’s not safe. We ate well and the service was efficient. We would cheerfully go back.

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