Eating out in Ledbury

Sometimes you find yourselves in a mixed group of family or friends, some of whom have dietary issues and some of whom don’t. At times like this, a good pub can frequently provide excellent food to suit all the group. In Ledbury, this weekend, we discovered The Prince of Wales pub, which met our needs very well.

This is a very old pub with an extremely attractive, half-timbered exterior. The interior is equally ancient and made up of a series of small rooms. It is cosy, friendly and unpretentious. The menu isn’t esoteric, it’s based on simple pies, fish and sausages. However, the pies are all homemade: even the shortcrust pastry (for those who can eat it). The sausages are from a local, award-winning butcher and got our vote of approval. Everything comes with a choice of mash (obviously not an option for the dairy-free members of the party, but good for the others), chips or rice with salad, peas or other veg. The portions were generous and we didn’t come out hungry!

It’s a real ale pub and we had a selection of very good ales. Some were familiar and some were new to us, but all were well-kept and were a fine accompaniment to some very good grub!

For more suggestions for places to eat out dairy-free, see ourĀ Eating Out section.

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