Christmas Pudding

This is the recipe which has been used in the family for almost as many years as I can remember. It is lighter in texture than a very traditional pudding, but the flavour is absolutely traditional. I’m afraid I don’t go in for weird and wonderful variations on Christmas recipes; the tradition is all part […]

Madeira Cake

This cake makes a great Christmas cake alternative for people who don’t like dried fruit. If, as in our family, you end up doing both fruit and madeira, try making this one square for a different look:

For this recipe there are two alternative methods: with and without a food processor. Both ways give […]

Chocolate Log

This is every bit as delicious as the original (indeed, the original swiss roll is fat free in the first place). The icing is the adjusted part.

You must be organised to make a good swiss roll. Don’t start this recipe without reading it all the way through first. You must have everything you […]