Sojasun Small Pots of Fruity Yoghurt

Apricot and Guava

This is a good one! I found it in my local health food shop this week and can honestly say it’s lovely. It isn’t cheap at 75p for a little 25g pot, but it does taste very good. The texture is slightly odd, in that it has tiny gritty bits in it. I assume they’re bits of fruit, but they’re so tiny that they don’t have recognisable flavour in themselves.

Raspberry and Passionfruit

The texture of this one is slightly better than the other one. There are still bits in it which don’t seem to be fruit. Tiny white bits. I can only assume that they are soya bits. The flavour is very good, just as it used to be so long ago when it appeared in little glass pots. The pots may now be plastic with cardboard covers, but are still too small. It’s still expensive. This one, in a different health food shop, was 59p for a pot. When I want a treat, I shall be buying it from Fairhaven Wholefoods in future!

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