Provamel Summer fruit soya yoghurt is back!Hooray!

The lovely big pots of Alpro Soya summer fruits soya yoghurt which disappeared a while back are now available again,…but not in the supermarkets. Alpro have brought it back under their premium Organic healthfood shops only Provamel label. It tastes as good as ever and seems to be on offer at the moment in Holland and Barratt. I had two pots for £2, which seems good to me! I can’t imagine it’s going to stay at that price for long, so I’d get out there and enjoy it while you can before it goes up to normal health food luxury prices.

The flavour is just as good as ever. It claims to “taste fruitier” which suggests to me that it doesn’t actually have any more fruit in it, but may have more flavouring or flavour enhancers. However, it still has a good texture and has bits of fruit in it, which I like. I realise some people like their yoghurt smooth, and if you’re one of them, there is a range of other soya yoghurts covered on our reviews page if this one doesn’t do it for you.

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