No-Knead Bread is Spreading

The recipe is on the move! Two of the staff at my children’s school are now baking this recipe regularly simply because it’s easy and delicious. I urge you to try it. I’ve just thrown a bowlful together to have it ready for tomorrow’s breakfast and it took me five minutes. That’s it until another five minutes after dinner tonight when I knock it back. If you’ve never tried bread that hasn’t been made by the almost universal Chorleywood method, you really should try this. It’s already converted one person round here from soft white sliced to wholegrain bread with no anguish on the way!

It just tastes so much better than most commercial bread. Unless you have a good artisan bakery near you, you just can’t get bread like this. Even if you do have one close by, with money being tight the best bread you can buy is definitely a luxury. Well, I pay £1.30 a kilo for organic malted wholegrain flour mail order straight from a mill and use it half and half with plain bread flour. You get just under 2 loaves from a kilo bag, so that’s about 75p a loaf: a whole lot cheaper than buying it from the shops!

Go on, have a go! Then share the recipe with a friend. This link will take you to our recipe.

2 comments to No-Knead Bread is Spreading

  • Anna

    It works beautifully with spelt flour as well, if you are interested. I used about 2/3 brown spelt flour and 1/3 white spelt, and result was delicious; a slightly nutty flavour and delicate texture. Spelt bread does go stale terribly quickly, although as the family were staying there was very little of it to go…

  • Hi Anna,
    I’m delighted it worked for you. Isn’t it easy? And the wonderful smell in the house while it’s cooking…! It sounds delicious. When you say “terribly quickly”, is that within a day, or overnight? I’ve never tried spelt, but you can get it mailorder form the mill I use for a very reasonable price. They’re Shipton Mill and I’m about to do a post on that very subject! Are you having to cook gluten free(ish, since Spelt still has some, I think) as well as dairy-free?
    All the best,

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