Super Chocolate Sauce

This really is unbelievably easy and absolutely delicious. It is a crucial ingredient in the next recipe for my take on Eton Mess. (Yes, I know the original doesn’t have any chocolate in it, but this is good and tons better than soya cream.)

Recipe: Super-delicious chocolate sauce


  • 2 bars of Kinnerton’s chocolate (I know it isn’t fantastic chocolate, but it’s the only one out there which is guaranteed free from contamination and in cooking it’s very good.)
  • 1 box of Alpro Soya Cream


  1. Shake the Soya Cream and pour it into a small, heavy-bottomed saucepan.
  2. Before unwrapping them, bang the bars of chocolate against the edge of a table or worktop to smash them into little pieces.
  3. Drop the chocolate bits into the cream and heat everything gently, stirring frequently until smooth and delicious.
  4. You can use this hot poured over a chocolate sponge pudding, or cold in my chocolate Eton Mess variation.

Quick Notes

The sauce transports really well. Just remember to put it in a box which seals completely! This way, you can take your own sauce to a party.

Cooking time (duration): 10 minutes

Diet type: Dairy-free

Meal type: dessert

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2 comments to Super Chocolate Sauce

  • Helen Clarke

    Hello again! Please can you tell me where you get your Kinnerton DF chocolate? I’ve never seen any that’s DF so am quite excited at the prospect :o) Thanks x

  • Hi Helen,

    Good to hear from you again. Kinnerton’s chocolate is available in all the supermarkets round here, Morrison’s is the cheapest at 99p/£1 a bar, with Tesco’c coming in at about £1.20 and Waitrose at £1.22 – £1.28 (depending on the mood of the moment). The chocolate is in 85g bars which are nut free, dairy free, gluten free and egg free, so real food-free food! Despite that it still tastes good enough to eat straight from the bar, especially when you have no viable alternatives! It’s 55% cocoa solids, so not too bad really.

    It melts properly and cooks beautifully. I hadn’t thought about it, but I’m very glad you mentioned it: I should get a proper review of it up on the site. I shall attend to it this afternoon!

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