Lorraine Pascale’s cookie “lollipops”

This week’s Fast Fresh and Easy from Lorraine Pascale (BBC2 Tuesday 8.30pm) included a little munchy made from what looked like Oreos. The final thing ended up as a sweet treat looking like a tray of chocolate lollipops made from biscuits and chocolate spread, dipped in melted white chocolate and coated in hundreds and thousands. I was immediately tempted and  decided to see what I could do about a dairy-free version.

If you replace the Oreos with Bourbon Biscuits, those are USUALLY dairy-free. You have to read the packet carefully as ever. (Morrison’s own brand now carries the lawyers’ cop-out “May contain traces of….”, so who knows…) However, in general Bourbons are one of  the few commercial biscuits which are safe and taste good.

The chocolate spread bit I replaced with Plamil’s Organic Chocolate Spread. This is one of two dairy-free chocolate spreads I’ve found. It’s not actually my favourite for eating on bread, so I use it for cooking. I find it a bit soft and just a little greasy on the tongue on bread, but in cooking it’s fine.

So, with your two ingredients sorted, you chuck a packet of Bourbons in the magimix and whizz them up fine. Lorraine Pascale added just one spoonful of spread, but I needed three of Plamil’s spread. I suspect there may be more biscuits in a pack of Bourbons than in a pack of Oreos!

My kids then had a gloriously sticky and crumby time turning the results into little truffle-like balls which we chilled overnight. Obviously, white chocolate is off the menu. I’ve tried melting the dairy-free “white chocolate” drops before and it’s disastrous! So we had to go with melting Kinnerton’s bars and dipping the balls into that and then into things like finely chopped nuts and various sugar balls/strands. We didn’t have any lollipop sticks, so we just put them in petit four cases …. and ate them!

The end result tastes good. It does taste much the same as bourbon biscuits of course, but they look really cute.

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