New Unsweetened Almond Milk

Alpro have introduced a new variant on the almond/hazelnut milk theme: an unsweetened almond milk….. and it’s great!

It has only recently appeared in the supermarkets round here. It’s just as good as the original version in terms of flavour and cookability, but it has the added advantage of being unsweetened. This makes it better for use in savoury cooking and less calorific if you’re trying to cut down after Christmas.The reduction of sugar does not spoil the taste. As with the original almond and hazelnut, it comes in both fresh and longlife versions. I’ve tried both and I can’t tell them apart. I now make sure I have a box of longlife tucked away for emergencies.

You need to keep an eye on the chiller cabinet and on the shelf section in your supermarket. If yours is like mine, there will be 3 for £3 offers on for a few weeks at a time. This stuff has really good long dates on it (even the fresh version), so I stock up when it’s going cheap. The boxes store on their sides at the bottom of the fridge until they’re opened and I eke them out until the next offer comes around. After all there’s a big difference between £1 a box and £1.50ish. It all mounts up after a bit.

Not all the family are fans: some don’t like the taste of nuts and are resisiting conversion….but I don’t care, I love it! As usual, if you’re looking for other ideas  and more information on other non-dairy milks, try our review section. All the different milks we’ve ever tried are there!

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