Lunchbox Treats: Muesli Currant Bars

Happy New Year everybody! Now that we’re all back into termtime and having to fill lunchboxes again, I thought a quick and easy traybake might go down well. My two love these and they’re easy enough for children to be able to make themselves. Commercial cereal bars frequently have a great deal of sugar […]

Spiced Banana Bread

This is a great lunchbox cake, but it also looks good on a tea table with lemon icing drizzled over it. If you don’t particularly like the texture of banana cake, this one should suit you because the proportion of banana to other things is quite low. It’s a lovely fruit cake and it’s very […]

Lunchbox treats: Ginger Coconut Slice

Well, where did the last few weeks go to? After all the lovely bank holidays and resulting four day weeks, reality is back for a while and I’ve been tackling the issue of how to give my children a sweet treat in their lunchboxes. Everything in school has to be completely nut-free as there is […]

It’s Simnel cake time.

It’s time to get baking. I have to get myself organised and get our simnel cake ready for Easter sunday. The recipe is pretty straightforward and everybody in our house likes marzipan so I always put a good thick layer in the middle! If you’ve never tried it, do have a go. Follow the link […]

Which recipes to go for next?

I have been rootling through my recipe box with a view to choosing the next few recipes to work up for the site and it occurred to me that it was time to ask where you feel the biggest gap is in the dairy-free recipes available. It has always seemed to me that there are […]

Banana cake

A slice of this loaf cake makes a great addition to a lunch box and it really isn’t difficult.

For this recipe you will need: a 2lb loaf tin, a food processor and a large mixing bowl.

Recipe: Banana Cake Ingredients 8oz / 225g self-raising flour 4oz / 100g spread 6oz / 175g caster sugar […]

Madeira cakes in all sizes!

I have had a request for a scaled up version of my madeira cake recipe for a wedding cake. The texture of madeira cake is firm enough to cope with ornate icing which makes it a good choice for wedding cakes. However, you do have to remember that it does not keep like a fruit […]

Fast and Fabulous Fruit Loaf

This is a fabulously fruity and amazingly easy fruit loaf. It’s a great recipe to make with children. I made this with mine when they were not much more than 18 months old. Once they can stand on a chair, they can help to choose the proportions of the dried fruit and put handfuls onto […]

Fantastic Chocolate Sponge Cake

This has been a mainstay of my family for more years than I can remember. It is easy to make and produces a reliably delicious, light and fluffy cake. The only thing which you must NEVER EVER do is open the oven before 20 minutes of the cooking time have passed. You can make a […]

Traditional Easter Simnel Cake

This is our favourite recipe for a traditional Simnel Cake. It’s based on Nigella Lawson’s recipe with tweaks to make it work dairy free. The marzipan balls on top are great fun for the children to make. There are supposed to be eleven (for the disciples of Christ minus Judas, of course) but, when you […]