Kinnerton’s Dairy-free Chocolate Bars

I’ve been using this stuff for a couple of years now and I should have done a review before now… so here we go.

Kinnerton launched as a nut-free chocolate manufacturer some years back. This remains their main line and they have quite a number of different easter eggs which are made in their dedicated nut free factory. However, they also produce a bar of chocolate which is nut free, dairy free, gluten free and egg free. It’s vegan and absolutely safe to eat.

This isn’t a gourmet chocolate. Back in my milk-eating days, I tasted better. This one has 55% cocoa solids, so it can’t compete with the 70 – 75% cocoa ones. However, when you can’t eat chocolate at all, I can assure you that this is quite good enough to eat straight off the bar. When cooking and making delicious desserts, this stuff is your friend. It’s wonderful to be able to make lovely chocolatey things which are completely safe.

When Easter comes around, Kinnerton make a dairy-free egg each year. This year it was a “Tiggeriffic” egg, but things seem to change from year to year. I’ve found more of the eggs on sale in Sainsbury’s than anywhere else. The Kinnerton’s website carries details of all their products.

Buying Kinnerton’s chocolate is relatively easy in that it’s in the supermarkets rather than being the preserve of the health food shops. I have found bars of Kinnerton’s chocolate in all of the major supermarkets, usually shelved with the special diet things. The price varies considerably. At the moment, Morrison’s are the cheapest at £1.06. The rest are much of a muchness ranging from Sainsbury’s at £1.19, throughTesco’s at £1.20 to Waitrose where it varies between £1.22 and about £1.28. I keep an eye on the prices and whenever special offers come up, I buy in bulk!

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  • sheena

    I know this is posted in the wrong place!
    I just stumbled upon your website and i could cry with happiness.
    My 1 year old daughter is Dairy intolerant and hyper sensitive if she does eat it ( 1 digestive = 3 nights screaming).
    she has the blandest diet i know, i have 2 other children who eat fantastic.
    For 6 months i have fought a battle to encourage her to eat. At 10 months she started to eat solids finally but with no really varitey.
    I think this site has just changed her world and mine.
    I haven’t found a website (until now)that has all this information, is from the UK, and recipes to.
    Thank you :0)

  • Hello Sheena,
    I’m so glad you think our recipes could be useful! Do let me know if I can help with any suggestions. It is always difficult at first with a small child on a special diet, especially if he/she can see others eating forbidden foods. Do get in touch, if you have particular requests for recipes/reviews.

    Best of luck!

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