Tasty No-Knead Sunflower Seed Bread

seeded_loaf2I have been playing around with the no-knead recipe over the last few weeks and here is one of the best variations so far. This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to have delicious seed bread for toast and sandwiches. My kids love the toasty taste of the seeds on the outside.

Folllow the original no-knead recipe.

Before you tip out the dough to knock it back, sprinkle a small scattering of sunflower seeds over the board/table you use on top of your usual sprinkle of flour. Then tip out the dough and sprinkle another sparse layer of seeds over the sticky surface. Fold in the ends as usual and form the dough into baking shape. Put the dough into its tin or onto its tray, then take a last small handful of seeds and stick them over the surface by gently poking them into/onto the dough. Don’t worry that some of them fall off, they will be covered by the rising dough and incorporated into it.seeded_loaf0

Leave to rise as usual for about 5 hours, then bake as per the original recipe.

The result is delicious, especially when eaten fresh and warm from the oven. The toasty roasty sunflower seeds on the top are irresistible! Try a hunk of this with a slice of ham and a dollop of pear chutney; or for dipping into a bowl of homemade pea soup. Yum!

If you want a change, try pumpkin seeds instead of sunflower seeds, or a mixture of the two. Also delicious!

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